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Our History

Just Ride

Gung Ho Bikes motto is "Just Ride."  What that means to you is that we want to help you get the right bike for your cycling needs:  The right bicycle for the type of riding that you are going to be doing, the right size bicycle for you, fitted to you to maximize your comfort and efficiency, and at the best price we can offer.  Gung Ho Bikes will help you determine which type of bike best meets your needs and budget and then adjust that bike to you.  The saddle height, saddle fore and aft, handlebar reach and other components need to be positioned to provide the rider optimal comfort and efficiency.  Finally, to ensure that Gung Ho Bikes customers continue to have a pleasurable riding experience, Gung Ho Bikes provides free tune-ups for the lifetime of the original purchaser.  Unlike other shops that offer one free tune-up during the first year of ownership, Gung Ho Bikes wants you to bring in your bike as often as your riding requires to keep your bike in proper adjustment.  Regular servicing will keep parts from wearing out prematurely and properly functioning equipment will maximize your cycling pleasure.  The owners and employees of Gung Ho Bikes are all cycling enthusiasts.  We love many different types of cycling, but no matter which type, we want you to get just as much enjoyment from cycling as we do.